Software Installation. AOpen EHB-5232U

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Software Installation. AOpen EHB-5232U | Manualzz

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Software Installation

4.1. Before You Start

Please understand that CD recording is a non-interruptible process. Therefore, a stable recording environment is a must. If you have a HDD set up only for CD recording purpose, the recording process shall be smooth.

However, if an extra HDD is not available, you might prefer carrying out the following steps to optimize your Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP recording arrangement: y Close all resident programs that include Anti-Virus, Screen Saver, System

Agent, Power Management, etc. Turn off Auto Insert Notification. Further, maximizing and minimizing windows are not recommended either. If not, any operation of these applications will intrude the CD recording process and damage your disk. y Defrag your HDD before any CD recording. This is particularly important when you write files to CD from HDD. Defragment of HDD reallocates all the files so that these relevant files are placed in the nearby clusters. This saves time and risks when Easy CD Creator is trying to search for the files you want to record on CD.

4.2. Installing Software

For information on installing procedures and how to use the authoring software, please refer to the manual that came with it. If you want to use another type of authoring software not bundled with this COMBO drive, please refer to each manual on how to install and operate. Please note that some authoring software or version of authoring software does not support this COMBO drive.

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