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GETTING STARTED. Monster Go-DJ | Manualzz

GETTING STARTED how to Turn on

To turn on the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ , press and hold the power button for one (1) to two (2) seconds. The power button is located at the right side of the Monster ®

GO-DJ ™ . If the battery power is too low for the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ to power on, you will see a message that states “Low Battery.”

Power States

The Monster ® GO-DJ ™ has three power states: ON, OFF, and Standby. These are switched with the power button.

Power button push

(more than 1 second)

Power button push

(more than 1 second)

Power OFF Power ON Standby

Please note: In the Standby state, the displays turns off and the operations with a touch panel, buttons and knobs are all invalid. However, music playback does not stop, and the crossfader operation is still valid.

how to Charge

When the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ battery power level is low, you can charge the battery power by either of these two methods:

Screen Modes

The Monster ® GO-DJ ™ has two different screen modes: Minimum and Advanced.

In Minimum Mode there are 3 screens of functionality. In Advanced Mode there are six screens of functionality

The default setting for the Monster ® GO-DJ™ is Advanced Mode. To switch to Minimum Mode, go to the Options Screen, select System and toggle the option for Minimum Mode. The Monster ® GO-DJ™ system will then reboot in

Minimum Mode.

Available on-Screen information

Minimum Mode

In Minimum Mode The Monster ® GO-DJ ™ has three (3) screens

• Combination of minimum Digital Turntable and minimum File

Browser Screen

• Volume Control

• Options Screen

Power button

1 . Charge by connecting to the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ Power Adapter.

2 . Charge by connecting the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ Connector Cable to a USB power source, such as a computer.



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