Automatic File Analysis. Monster Go-DJ

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Automatic File Analysis. Monster Go-DJ | Manualzz


Once the LINE IN device is properly loaded, the streaming audio will be loaded on the corresponding Digital Turntable.

Press PLAY to begin playback.

Once you are playing the streaming audio, you can use the Digital Turntable functions (i.e., Scratch, Loop), Tri-Band Equalizer functions, Musical Pad functions and Beat Sequencer functions.

Automatic File Analysis

Automatic File Conversion

The Monster ® GO-DJ ™ has dedicated folders in the internal memory drive for the Musical Pad Samplers screen. The Musical Pad Samplers screen includes three digital sampler devices: the Musical Pad Sampler, the Digital Keyboard

Synthesizer and the Beat Sequencer.

When you place your sample files in the corresponding folder, the uploaded file will be assigned to the corresponding Musical Pad Sampler device.

Please note that the sample file should be a WAV file format (8–48 kHz,

8–24 bit). The uploaded sample file will then be converted into a uniform

WAV format (44.1 kHz, 16 bit). When file conversion is necessary, the Monster ®

GO-DJ ™ might take some time to boot. In order to cancel or postpone the file conversion, press down on the FUNCTION knob.

When the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ recognizes new files, the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ will start analyzing the files automatically. During the analysis of the file(s), you may experience some slowing down in the processing, but you can still play back music and audio files that have already been analyzed. The Beat LED light will turn purple to signify that the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ is in the process of analyzing the new file(s). When the purple Beat LED light turns off, the file(s) have been analyzed completely.



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