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Directories and Files

How to Sort Files How to Select a File

You can change the method of sorting files by touching the tabs located at the top of the File Browser Screen.

You can toggle the sort order direction by touching the triangle icon

( or ) located at the upper left hand corner of the directory browser.

You can select files using two (2) methods: analog operation with the FUNCTION knob and touch screen operation.

Using the FUNCTION Knob

To select a file using the FUNCTION knob, rotate the FUNCTION knob to move the File Selector and select the file you need.

When the desired file is selected, press the FUNCTION knob. This will open the

File Properties window.

Confirm that you want to load the file. Choose “Cancel” otherwise.

When you select a directory, usually displayed with a folder icon, pressing the

FUNCTION knob will open and enter the selected directory.



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