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File Properties Window

The File Properties Window is opened when you select a file and open it by pressing the FUNCTION knob, swiping (to the left) over the filename or double-tapping the file name.

The following information is displayed in the File Properties Window:

• Track Name, Artist, Album: The information displayed in these categories is read from the MP3 tag. If the WAV or MP3 file does not have a valid tag, then filename represent is displayed instead.

• Length: This information displays the length of the track.

• BPM: This information displays the tempo or Beats Per Minute (BPM) of the track.

• Last Played: This information displays when the file was last loaded or played. This is only active when the “Remember History” option is turned

ON, which can be done in the Options Screen.

• “X” Times: This information displays the total play count of the track. This is only active when the “Remember History” option is turned ON, which can be done in the Options Screen.

How to Load a Track with the Digital Turntables

To load a file on the Digital Turntables, first select the file in the File Browser Screen.

When you open the related File Properties window, choose “Load” to load the selected track to the Digital Turntable. You can select “Load” using the touch screen or FUNCTION knob.

To use the FUNCTION knob:

• Rotate: Rotate the FUNCTION knob to change the highlighted selection.

• Press on Load: Press the FUNCTION knob on the “Load” option to load the selected file to the Digital Turntable.

• Press on Cancel: Press the CANCEL knob to close the File Properties window.

You cannot load an Unanalyzed File or an Unsupported File.



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