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Unanalyzed Files Unsupported Files

When you load a file for the first time into the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ , either through the internal memory (“GO-DJ Drive”) or the SD card memory, the

Monster ® GO-DJ ™ will analyze the tempo properties via Beats Per Minute

(BPM) analysis. When a file has not been analyzed, its BPM information is not displayed in the File Select Screen. If you open File Properties window of an unanalyzed file, file analysis will begin immediately. While the file is being analyzed, the “Load” button is replaced by a progress bar labeled “Analyzing.”

Once the file analysis is complete, you can load the file on the Digital Turntable.

When you try to open or load an unsupported file, its BPM is shown as 0 (or “---”) in the File Selection screen. If the file type is unsupported, you cannot load or play the file. If the file type is unsupported, the ““Unsupported” message will be displayed instead of the “Load” button in the File Properties window.

File Browser Window for Recorded Files

Files recorded by the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ are stored in the “GO-DJ Rec” drive, which is located in the internal memory.

You can copy or delete the files by following these directions:

• Select a file in the “GO-DJ Rec” drive.

• When the file is selected, press the FUNCTION knob and hold it down for two (2) seconds.

• When the File Browser Window appears, select “Delete” to delete the file or “Copy” to copy the file to the SD memory card.

You cannot delete or copy a recorded file when the track is recording, while the track is playing or while deleting or copying the file.

The other action items in the File Browser Window are used for the reset menu.



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