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How to Create a New Playlist

• Navigate to the File Browser Screen.

• Select the “Playlists” option in the File Browser Screen. You can select by double-tapping or using the FUNCTION knob.

• Select “Add a new playlist” and press the FUNCTION knob.

• An Input Keyboard will appear.

• By using the FUNCTION knob, use the Input Keyboard to enter the name of the playlist.

• The length of the playlist name is 28 characters maximum. If you do not enter a playlist name, then a playlist name is created for you. The playlist is named “My Playlist XX,” where the XX values are automatically numbered.

You can always rename the playlist name after creating the playlist.

How to Use the Input Keyboard

You can use the Input Keyboard by using both the FUNCTION knob and the touch screens.

Function Knob

• Rotate: Rotate the FUNCTION knob to choose a character or command.

• Press: Press the FUNCTION knob to enter the selected character. If the left arrow ( ) or right arrow ( ) is selected, the cursor is moved in the selected direction.

Touch Screen

• Cancel: Tap “Cancel” to cancel the creation of the playlist.

• A/a: Tap “A/a” to switch between capital and small letters as well as to switch between numbers and symbols.

• Spacebar: Tap the spacebar to enter a space in the file name.

• Backspace: Tap “Backspace” (X) to backspace.

• OK: Tap “OK” to use as the Enter function.

How to Add and Remove Items from a Playlist

The Monster ® GO-DJ ™ can store up to a maximum of 100 playlists. Each playlist can store and recognize up to a maximum of 10,000 tracks.

• Select a file/track name from any directory or history and press the


• Touch the “Add to Playlist” icon ( ) in the File Properties Window.



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