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Reset Menu

Analyzed data and/or parameters for selected track files can be reset by selecting a storage directory (SD Card, GO-DJ Drive, GO-DJ Rec) and then pressing down and holding the FUNCTION knob.

In the pop up window, the following commands can be selected:

• Discard BPM: Deletes the BPM and beat positions data.

• Reset Gain: Deletes a saved or customized gain value in the Equalizer screen.

• Clear Cues: Clears all hot-cue points (i.e., CUE 1, CUE 2, CUE 3, CUE 4).

• Clear Play Count: Deletes the data for the number of plays and the date that the track was last loaded and played.

Please note the following:

• If you perform a reset action on a directory or a storage location, the information about all the files in the directory or storage location are deleted. In this case, if you press down the FUNCTION knob in while the

Reset function is processing, the Reset action is canceled, but the finished data are not restored and some data can be partially lost.

• If you execute the “Discard BPM” command, then the beat position and BPM are discarded. This can trigger the automatic BPM analysis of the files, just as though the tracks were loaded on the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ for the first time.

• If you execute the “Clear Play Count” command, the file markers, such as the white dot icons, in the File Browser Screen are cleared as well as the date of the last play and the play count in the File Properties window.

• If the reset menu is opened for any of the files located in the “GO-DJ Rec” directory, the dedicated actions for the recorded files are displayed in the same window. Scrolling and selecting an action can be done by rotating and pressing the FUNCTION knob.

• In order to delete all analysis data and corresponding values from the database, you can execute the “Initialize Database” command in the firmware recovery menu.



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