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Tap Mode Break Mode

When the highlight bar in the Arc Selector is positioned over the Tap command and the track is playing, you can activate the Tap function by pressing the

FUNCTION knob. With the Tap function, you can manually adjust the BPM and the beat position by tapping the turntable. The newly analyzed value of BPM is displayed in red until it is determined. When you press down the FUNCTION knob again, the new BPM value is confirmed and registered. In the case that you rotate the FUNCTION knob before pressing down, the measured value of

BPM is abandoned.

When the highlight bar in the Arc Selector is positioned over any of the Loop commands while the track is playing, the Break mode is activated. In Break mode, when you touch the turntable, the track slows down gradually before stopping. The selected Loop range corresponds to the number of beats that pass until the track is slowed down and stopped. When you release the hand from the turntable, the track accelerates and goes back to the original speed.

If the slip mode is ON in the option screen, the turntable restarts to turn at the original speed immediately after stopping, and the track starts to play when the turntable is released.



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