Beat Radar. Monster Go-DJ

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Beat Radar

The three aligned points that rotate around the Digital Turntable is called the

Beat Radar. The rotation corresponds with the rotation angle of the turntable and blinks corresponding with the beat position.

During normal playback, the Beat Radar that is blinking to the beat rotates one revolution around the Digital Turntable per every four (4) beats.

During Scratch mode or Loop mode, the external two radars continuously follow the rotation angle of the turntable. The most internal one and its symmetric copy always turns forward at a constant speed, in order to visually keep the original beat. Each rotating point indicates the second and fourth beat position from the point that the rotation angle of turntable went off the original beat. When you return to normal playback, if you release the turntable right at the moment when the three radars align, you can return back to the original beat position



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