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Tempo Controllers





Tempo Slider (1)

You can change the music tempo by touch and/or FUNCTION knob rotation with the tempo bar slider, located at the left side of the Digital Turntable in

Track-A and at the right side of the Digital Turntable in Track-B. Sliding down on the tempo bar will increase the tempo (BPM), and sliding up on the tempo bar will decrease the tempo (BPM).

You can also fine-tune the tempo change by touching the tempo slider bar and rotating the FUNCTION knob at the same time. Rotating the FUNCTION knob clockwise increases the tempo, and rotating the FUNCTION knob counterclockwise decreases the tempo. Pressing the ANALOG knob while touching the tempo slider bar will reset the tempo (BPM) to the original value.

Please note: On the CONTROL tabs in the option screen, you can configure the maximum range of the tempo slider and the settings for tempo reset.

Auto-Sync Switch (2)

When the Auto-Sync switch is set to the ON position, the BPM and beat position are adjusted automatically to the track being played on the other

Digital Turntable.

The Beat LED indicates the current status of synchronization, and different colors signify different status points:

• Blue: The track is being synchronized.

• Red: The track is being synchronized, but it is not ready yet.

• Green: The synchronization is complete.

Please note: As a shortcut to instantly match the BPM of the current track to the other track, you can quickly turn on the Auto-Sync and then quickly turn it off, and the BPM of the playing track will be matched on the incoming track.

BPM Window (3)

The original BPM is shown at left window (Orig). The current BPM is shown at right window (Now). When you swipe from Original BPM window (Orig) to the

Current BPM window (Now), you can reset the BPM to the original.

Pitch Lock Switch (4)

When the Pitch Lock switch is set to the ON position, the original pitch, based upon the original BPM, is maintained even when the tempo is changed.



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