EQ Crossfader Mode. Monster Go-DJ

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eQ Crossfader Mode

EQ crossfade from Track-A to Track-B

1 . Track-A: 100%

2 . Track-B fades in, starting from High

3 . Track-A fades out, starting from Low

4 . Track-B: 100%Track-A: 100%

• Crossfader: The crossfader blends the sounds from the two tracks drawing the equalization curve. The fade-out starts from the Low band, and the fade-in starts from the High band.

• Reset Button: Activating the Reset button resets the touch and knob operations. Only the crossfader equalization function remains.

• LINK Switch: When LINK switch is set to the ON position, operations controlled by the FUNCTION knob and the crossfader are active. When the position is set to the OFF position, only the touchscreen operations are active.

• FUNCTION Knob: The FUNCTION knob controls the active sliders simultaneously, just as in the case of ordinary equalization.



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