Gain Operation. Monster Go-DJ

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Gain operation

A Gain slider is located on the left side of the equalizer screen, and it is used to normalize the volume level of the audio files. The gain value is applied to the file currently loaded, and the user-updated Gain level is saved for each track.

Gain Slider Control

Saving and Loading Gain Levels

You can use the touchscreen interface to control the Gain Slider. Touching and sliding the Gain Slider up and down adjusts the gain. Touching the Reset button resets the gain level to 0 dB.

You can also use the touchscreen interface simultaneously with the FUNCTION knob for fine-tuning. Touching the Gain Slider and rotating the FUNCTION knob will adjust the gain level. Pressing the FUNCTION knob will reset the gain level to 0 dB.

You can save and load custom gain values for each file by pressing the buttons on the right side of the gain slider. These buttons light up when each function is available.

You can save the gain value by touching the Save button when either of the following conditions are met:

• For the track currently being played, a gain level value has not been previously saved.

• The current value of the gain slider is different from the previously saved value.

You can load a saved gain value by touching the Load button.



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