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The Monster ® GO-DJ ™ comes with two types of samplers: Musical Pad sampler and a Synthesizer Keyboard sampler. In the Musical Pad screen and the Synthesizer Keyboard screen, you can play the samples assigned to the pads and keys. You can simultaneously play up to a total of 4 samples at a time on both Track-A and Track-B.

Musical Pad

Touchscreen Operation

If you touch the Pattern Select area at the bottom of the screen, a set of samples and sound producing pattern can be changed. By touching each pad, you can play samples according to the following patterns:

• One Shot: Plays a sample once from the beginning to the end of the sample.

• Loop: Plays a sample iteratively in a given BPM while being touched.

If a track is currently being played, the BPM is usually synchronized to the playing track.

• Drone: Plays a sample while the pad is being touched. When the hand is removed, the sample stops playing.

• Keys: Switches to the Synthesizer Keyboard

The sampler pattern can be selected by toggling the lower window of the

Musical Pad screen or the Synthesizer Keyboard screen.

Analog Operation

The samplers can be operated by the FUNCTION knob. Rotating the FUNCTION knob changes the volume level of the samplers. Rotating the FUNCTION knob is used to select a desired sample. Pressing down on the FUNCTION knob plays the selected sample.

Please note: The sampler volume is applied to the Musical Pad, Synthesizer

Keyboard and the Beat Sequencer at the same time.

The Musical Pad screen can be operated with both the touchscreen and analog interface.



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