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Synthesizer Keyboard

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If the Synthesizer Keyboard octave screens are displayed out side-to-side, the octaves of the Synthesizer Keyboard will look like the following diagram:

The Synthesizer Keyboard is activated when the “Keys” option is selected at the bottom of the Musical Pad screen. The Synthesizer Keyboard operates similar to the Musical Pad sampler. The volume level can be changed by rotating the FUNCTION knob.

Octave Button (1)

The Octave button can be used to change the octave of the Synthesizer

Keyboard. The musical keyboard has a range of 3 octaves (i.e., C3 - B5; 36 keys).

The Synthesizer Keyboard screen only displays one octave at a time. By touching the Octave button, you can scroll through the keyboard, which moves the octave up or down. An Octave button that is grayed out indicates that it is already at the most high or most low octave of the keyboard.

Instrument Window (2)

The Instrument Window displays the current instrument selected and being used for the Synthesizer Keyboard. You can toggle the instruments with the select buttons on the both sides of the window. In the case that there is no alternative instrument, the color of the Select buttons are changed to black.

You can upload up to 16 sets of user-loaded sample files as instruments.

“Factory Preset” is set as the default instrument.



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