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Beat Sequencer





In the Beat Sequencer screen, you can edit rhythmic patterns with samples on the beat grid. The vertical axis corresponds to each sample, and the horizontal axis corresponded to the beat positions. The Beat Sequencer is formatted as

4 beats divided into 16 rows.

You can operate the Beat Sequencer with both the touchscreen interface and the FUNCTION knob.

Touch Panel Operation

• Touching the Cell (1): Edits the beat pattern.

• Sliding the Volume Slider (2): Changes the volume level of the Beat

Sequencer. The volume change is also applied to the Musical Pad and the

Synthesizer Keyboard.

• Sliding the BPM Slider (3): Changes the tempo of the Beat Sequencer.

You can change the BPM only if both tracks (i.e., Track-A and Track-B) are paused. Otherwise, the Beat Sequencer tempo (BPM) is synchronized to the track currently being played with the larger volume. The volume is controlled by the Equalizer screen and the crossfader position. If you activate the “Sync Beat Sequencer to Music” option in the Options screen, then the beat positions are also synchronized.

Function Knob Operation

• Rotating the FUNCTION Knob: Changes the position of the highlight bar located in the Command Bar (4) . Pressing the FUNCTION knob will activate the selected command.

The following is a diagram of the functions in the Command Bar:

Selector Position Command Description



A, B, C, D (in white color)

A, B, C, D (in blue color)

1, 2, 3, 4 (in gray color)

1, 2, 3, 4 (blinking)


Starts playing the Beat Sequencer

Stops playing the Beat Sequencer

Loads the corresponding beat pattern

When the Beat Sequencer is playing, resets the current position to the first beat position

(User Only) Saves the current user-defined beat pattern

(User Only) Clears the pattern

Clears the user-defined changes in beat patterns

A through D. When activated, the stock beat patterns

(i.e., A, B, C, D) begin blinking.



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