Volume Control of External Inputs. Monster Go-DJ

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Volume Control of External Inputs. Monster Go-DJ | Manualzz


Volume Control of External Inputs Real-Time BPM Analysis

Press and rotate the VOLUME-A knob to changes the microphone volume.

Slide the “Line In amp volume” slider in the Options screen to changes the volume level of the audio coming in from the Line-In jack.

Please note: If you select “Line” from “Microphone type” on the DEVICE(1) tab in the Options screen, the microphone amplifier (mic amp) is turned off. You can then use line level input or a pre-amped microphone on the MIC terminal.

In this case, the microphone volume and the line-in volume are both applied to the input from the MIC jack.

When the LINE-IN or MIC is assigned to a Digital Turntable, the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ applies real-time BPM and beat analysis to the incoming audio. The results of the real-time BPM and beat analysis are displayed in the BPM window, and the beats are monitored visually with the Beat LED.

When the music title is changed or the results are not correct, press and hold the CUE button of the assigned track to reset the analysis engine. You can also modify the BPM manually in Tap mode of the Digital Turntable.



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