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OPTIONS SCREEN. Monster Go-DJ | Manualzz


You can change the optional settings in the Options screen. The Options screen is categorized into five (5) tabs that have multiple pages. The pages are signified by the number located underneath the tab name. The Control tab has 4 pages; Device tab, 2 pages; Recording tab, 1 page; AutoDJ tab, 1 page; and System tab, 3 pages. To open under-lapping pages within the tabs, touch the same tab name again.

In this manual, the different pages for the different tabs will be labeled as follows: TAB NAME (PAGE NUMBER). For example, the second page of the

Control tab will be labeled as “Control (2).”

ConTRoL Tab


Crossfader mode

Changes the crossfader curve. When OFF, the crossfader is disabled and

Track-A and Track-B outputs are at the 100% level. Choose EQ if you want to activate the EQ crossfade mode.

Invert crossfader

When placed in the ON position, the crossfader curve is flipped horizontally.

This is sometimes referred to as a “Hamster Switch.”

Tempo slider range

Sets the maximum range of the tempo slider.

Pitch bend depth

Sets the depth of pitch bend.



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