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CONTROL (3) Delay FX time

Selects the unit of the adjustment of delay time for the delay effect from beat

(dependent on the BPM) or msec (absolute value). Rotating the FX LEVEL knob changes delay time as follows:



³∕₃₂ 1∕₁₆ ³∕₁₆ 1∕₈

6 – 700

³∕₈ 1∕₄ ³∕₄ 1

Switch loop range

Adjusts the sensitivity of the VOLUME knob rotation.

Reset EQ on load

Sets the operation to switch the loop range.

Slip mode for BREAK

When this is set to the ON position, the turntable starts to turn at the original speed right after the break and starts to play when the touch is released.

Then, it returns to the original playback position.

Sync Beat Sequencer to music

When this is set to the ON position, the Beat Sequencer is synchronized to the beat positions of the music on the turntable in addition to synchronizing the BPM.



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