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Resume last session on boot

The files or any other audio source(s) loaded to the Digital Turntables at the time of shutdown can be reloaded on boot. The options are as follows:

• OFF: Reloads none

• Load: Reloads the source loaded at the time of the shutdown

• Load and play: Reloads the source loaded at the time of the shut down and starts playing (as if it was being played all along)

Dot counter in Browser represents

Selects the indication of the white dots in the file browser screen. The options are as follows:

• Play count: Represents the play count of the file up. The maximum count is four (4) times.

• Recently Played: Represents the time that has passed since the file was played the last time. As more time passes after playing a track, the number of corresponding dots decreases.

Remember history

When this is set to the ON position, file properties are added into the History list when a file is played on the turntable. At the same time, the date of when the track was last played as well as the play count are updated in the File

Properties window. In the case that a file is played multiple times in a row, the second and subsequent plays are not reflected in the history.



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