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DeViCe Tab


Send main sound to HP

When this is set to the ON position, the sound output of the LINE-OUT is sent to the headphone jack as well. Please note: Pressing the VOLUME knob

(i.e., Track-B Volume knob) to control the headphone volume level is disabled.

Beat LED

Enables or disables the Beat LED

Microphone type

Selects the type of device to connect to the MIC terminal. The options are as follows:

• Condenser: Use a condenser microphone (needs power)

• Dynamic: Use a dynamic microphone (does not need power)

• Line: Use line level input or pre-amped microphone

Line in amp volume

Adjusts the Line-in volume which is applied to the input from the Line-In terminal. In addition, when "Line" is selected as "Microphone type,” this volume is applied also to the input from the MIC terminal.



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