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AutoDJ Tab

The Monster ® GO-DJ ™ is equipped with the AutoDJ function. It plays music continuously without any active operation by a user.

When the AutoDJ is turned on, the folder in which you selected the last music becomes the target folder of the AutoDJ. For a slave track, also known as the paused track, you can select the next music file, which will then be reserved to play next. If you press the PLAY button of the slave track when it is blinking slowly, you can immediately switch and mix (depending on the “Mix Style” setting) to the next music.

Please note: Though all the functions are valid while the AutoDJ is active, your file selection might be intercepted by the AutoDJ. The AutoDJ controls both

Track-A and Track-B, so please put the crossfader to the center position or set the crossfader curve to OFF. Otherwise, you might hear only one track (i.e.,

Track-A only or Track-B only) or no sound at all.


If this is set to the ON position, the AutoDJ starts. The mixing style of the

AutoDJ follows the settings below.

Playing order

Selects the order in which the files are played from the target directory.

The options are as follows:

• Sorted: In alphabetical order based on the file name. In the case that the target directory is a playlist, the tracks will be played in the order defined by the playlist.

• BPM: In the order based on the BPM. A track with a BPM rate closest to the currently playing track will be loaded and played.

Transition timing

Selects when to start the mix and transition to the next song.

Mix style

There are three mixing styles. The options are as follows:

• None: No automatic crossfading. No automatic beat matching. No transition effects. The tracks will just be played back to back.

• Simple: Automatic crossfading on. Beat matching on (if BPM is close enough). No transition effects.

• Advanced: Automatic crossfading on. Beat matching on (if BPM is close enough). Transition effects on. Transition effects include such effects as the automatic backspin on the Digital Turntable.



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