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Firmware Update

You can update the firmware for the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ by following these directions:

• Download the latest firmware from the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ official website


• Connect the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ to a computer using the USB cable.

• Place the firmware update file on the internal drive (GO-DJ Drive) or SD card.

• Disconnect the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ from the computer.

• From the SYSTEM menu, slide the UPDATE switch.

Mandatory Firmware Update

If it is impossible to update the firmware from the SYSTEM menu, please run a mandatory firmware update using the Firmware Recovery Menu. The Recovery

Menu starts when corruption of a firmware file is detected, and you can also manually start it by following the steps below:

Preparation for Mandatory Firmware Update

• Download the latest firmware from the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ official website

• Place the file to an SD card using an SD card writer.

• Insert the SD card to the SD card slot of the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ .

Starting the Recovery Menu

• Remove the USB cable if connected.

• Press the RESET button located at the back side of the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ using a pointed object such as pen.

• Hold VOLUME-A, FX-LEVEL, VOLUME-B knobs down together and turn the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ on simultaneously.

• When a firmware update screen shows, move the crossfader from the left to the right. If the crossfader is not moved correctly from the left to the right within 10 seconds, the Monster ® GO-DJ ™ will attempt to boot normally.

Please note: In the case that the Recovery Menu Screen does not show up, please repeat the directions starting with the pressing of the RESET button.



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