Preparations for Entries. Sharp UP-600, UP600

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Preparations for Entries. Sharp UP-600, UP600 | Manualzz



Prior to Entries


Preparations for Entries

Receipt and journal paper rolls

If the receipt and journal paper rolls are not set in the machine or the existing rolls are low in supply, install new ones according to section “Installing and Removing the Paper Roll” under “Operator Maintenance.”

Receipt ON/OFF function

You can disable receipt printing in the REG mode to save paper using the receipt function. To disable receipt printing, press the MISC


key and select RCP S.W. from the menu and turn the receipt OFF by press the • key. When the function is in the OFF status, the receipt off indicator “R” is highlighted.


Your register will print reports regardless of the receipt state. This means that the receipt roll should be installed even when the receipt state is “OFF”.

Error Warning

In the following examples, your POS terminal will go into an error state accompanied with a warning beep and the error message on the display. Clear the error state by pressing the


key and take the proper action to remedy the problem.

• When you exceed a 32-digit number (entry limit overflow):

Cancel the entry and re-enter a correct number.

• When you make an error in key operation:

Clear the error and try the entry again.

• When you make an entry beyond a programmed amount entry limit:

Check to see if the entered amount is correct. If it is correct, it may be possible to enter it in the

MGR mode. Please contact your manager.

• When an including-tax subtotal exceeds eight digits:

Clear the error display by pressing the


key and press a media key to finalize the transaction.

Sample Receipt

The print format will vary depending on the printer you use.


Machine no.

Consecutive no.

Item entry


Server name/server code

Sales total

Cash amount tendered

Change due


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