PLU Menu Key Programming. Sharp UP-600, UP600

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PLU Menu Key Programming. Sharp UP-600, UP600 | Manualzz


PLU Menu Key Programming

Use the following procedure to select the PLU menu key programming:

PLU menu key

When you enter PLUs, using the PLU menu key makes it easy to find categorized PLU items from the menu list.

Your POS terminal allows you to program a max. of 50 PLU menu keys. You can program a max. of 15

PLUs/sub-menus for each PLU menu key.

Use the following procedure to program a PLU menu key:

In the SETTING window, select “03 PLU MENU KEY” and program each item as follows:

Selected PLU menu key no.


• PLU MENU KEY (Use the numeric entry)

PLU menu key number (1 thru 50)

1 thru 50 : For the direct PLU menu key.

• TEXT (Use the character entry)

Description for the PLU menu key. Up to 16 characters can be entered.

• TYPE (Use the selective entry)

PLU: Selects to program a PLU.

MENU: Selects to program a sub-menu.

• PLU or MENU (Use the numeric entry)

Select a menu PLU or sub-menu from the list.


When selecting a sub-menu, the screen on which a sub-menu number is to be entered (the message “MENU”) will appear.


• The PLU code should be defined before programming a PLU menu key.

• If the


key is pressed on the menu key number selection menu, the menu list will be canceled.

• If the


key is pressed on the menu PLU code selection menu, the menu in the cursor position will be deleted.


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