Personnel Programming. Sharp UP-600, UP600

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Personnel Programming. Sharp UP-600, UP600 | Manualzz

Personnel Programming

Use the following procedure to select any option included in the personnel group:



In the SETTING window, select “07 PERSONNEL.”

• The PERSONNEL window will appear.


Select the server options.

Program each item as follows:

• SECRET CODE (Use the numeric entry)

Secret code (max. 4 digits: 0001 to 9999/0000)

• NAME (Use the character entry)

Name for the server. Up to 8 characters can be entered.

• ENTRY (Use the selective entry)

GLU(PBLU): Compulsory GLU(PBLU)

NON-COMPUL.: Non-compulsory GLU(PBLU)

• DRAWER# (Use the numeric entry)

Drawer number (1 or 2/0)

• NET SALES% (Use the numeric entry)

Net sales percent rate (max. 5 digits: 0.00 to 100.00)



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