Programming example. Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH

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Programming example. Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH | Manualzz

Programming example


A a

The following example shows how to program 2.00 for the unit price, “ABCDE” for the description, and “non-taxable 1” for department 1.


In the PGM MODE screen, select “2 SETTING” by using the

I key and press the A key.

• The SETTING screen will appear.


• You can also select “2 SETTING” by using numeric key “2,” then press the A key.

• If you return to the previous screen, press the a key.

A a


Select “1 ARTICLE.”

• The ARTICLE screen will appear.


The arrow mark in the upper-right corner of the window shows that the window contains more options than are now on the screen. To scroll the window, press the I key (

To return to the previous page, press the


F key ( key).


Select “1 DEPARTMENT.”

• The DEPARTMENT screen will appear, listing programmable departments.

A a


Select “01 DPT.01” to program for department 1.

• The “01” window will appear.

A a



On the first page of the “01” window, program the unit price and description as follows:


There are three entry patterns for the programming: the numeric entry, character entry, and selective entry.

• Move the cursor to “PRICE,” enter “200” by using numeric keys. l Numeric entry

• Move the cursor to “DPT.01” enter “ABCDE” by using character keys. l Character entry

If you want to clear setting, press the L key before you press the

I key, key, F key, key or A key.


Press the I key twice to move to the cursor to “TAX 1”, then program the machine to set “non-taxable 1” as follows:

• Press the .

key to select “NO.” l Selective entry






key toggles between two options as follows:


Pressing the

NO l z


key displays all pertinent options.


Select one of the following actions:

• To cancel the programming, press the the data; select the option you prefer.

a key. A confirmation window appears to ask you whether to save

• To finalize the programming, press the then press the

“DEPARTMENT” window.

A key, a key. You will return to the

• To program for the following department, press the 5 key. The “02” window will appear. To return to the “01” window, press the key.

The following sections describe how to program each item which is contained in a programming group.



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Key Features

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Fast and quiet thermal printer.
  • Durable cash drawer that can hold a large amount of cash.
  • Ability to program up to 1000 PLUs.
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it simple to operate.
  • Compact, lightweight design takes up minimal counter space

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I connect the cash register to my computer?
The cash register can be connected to a computer using the RS232 connector or SD card slot.
How do I program the cash register?
The cash register can be programmed using the keyboard or a PC.


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