Basic System. Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH

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Basic System. Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH | Manualzz

Basic System

Your register allows you to select various item of basic system.


The screen continues.

Program each item as follows:

• DATE FORMAT (Use the selective entry)

MDY: Display and print the month, day, and year in this order

DMY: Display and print the day, month and year in this order

YMD: Display and print the year, month, and day in this order

• TIME FORMAT (Use the selective entry)

12-HOUR: Display and print the time on 12-hour system

24-HOUR: Display and print the time on 24-hour system

• ERROR (Use the selective entry)

Response to an erroneous, invalid key operation

LOCK ERROR: Sound a short buzzer for 2 seconds, and display Error. To hide the Error display, press the L key.

MISS OPE.: Sound a short buzzer

• CURRENCY SYMBOL (Use the character entry)

Enter the character (Max. 4 characters)

• TAB (Use the selective entry)


1 Position of price delimiter can be set. Setting options are 0, 1, 2, and 3.

2 When setting to “2” for example, the entry of “100” is displayed as “1.00”.


• DECIMAL QUANTITY (Use the selective entry)

YES: Enable to enter the decimal quantity

NO: Disable to enter the decimal quantity

• DECIMAL ROUND (Use the selective entry)

ROUND: Round off the number

UP: Round up after the decimal point

DOWN: Round down after the decimal point.

• HALO FUNC. (Use the selective entry)

VALID: Valid HALO function

INVALID: Invalid HALO function

• [00] KEY (Use the selective entry)

[00]: Display [00] by pressing the

[000]: Display [000] by pressing the

: key

: key

• PRT/DSP EDIT (Use the selective entry)

YES: All of printing and display are edited

NO: All of printing and display aren’t edited

• ITEM DISPLAY (Use the selective entry)

2-LINE: The 1st line displays the quantity, price and amount. The 2nd line displays the text.

1-LINE: The quantity and text.



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Key Features

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Fast and quiet thermal printer.
  • Durable cash drawer that can hold a large amount of cash.
  • Ability to program up to 1000 PLUs.
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it simple to operate.
  • Compact, lightweight design takes up minimal counter space

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I connect the cash register to my computer?
The cash register can be connected to a computer using the RS232 connector or SD card slot.
How do I program the cash register?
The cash register can be programmed using the keyboard or a PC.


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