SD CARD Mode. Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH

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SD CARD Mode. Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH | Manualzz


The register’s data can be saved to the SD memory card, and the programming data can be loaded from the

SD memory card.

To use the SD card function, select the “7 SD CARD MODE” in the mode selection window and perform the following operations.

Inserting and removing an SD memory card

The SD card slot is located on the front side of your register.

Inserting an SD memory card

Insert an SD memory card into the SD card slot with the printed

SD logo facing upwards. Push the card in steady with a finger until it clicks and release it slowly.

Removing the SD memory card

Push in the card gently with a finger and release it. The card will come out.


• This model supports SD cards only. Use of any other types of SD cards such as mini SD, micro SD, etc. with an adapter is not supported.

• When inserting or removing the SD memory card, be sure to release it slowly. Otherwise, the card may pop out and injure your finger.

• Never touch or remove the SD memory card while it is accessed, otherwise the data stored in it may be damaged.

• Formatting the SD memory card erases all the data in it.


Never turn the power off, while the SD memory card is accessed.

SD card formatting

When the SD card is not formatted yet, take the formatting operation.


(1) Select “4 FORMATTING” in the SD CARD mode, the confirmation window is displayed.

(2) To perform the format operation, select OK and press the A key.

To cancel the operation, select CANCEL and press the A key.

Folder creating

The master folder can be created for the data file.

\ SHARP\ ECRXXX11\ nnnnnnnn (nnnnnnnn:folder name)


(1) Select “3 FOLDER CONTROL” in the SD CARD mode and press the A

(2) Select “1 CREATE FOLDER”, the folder name entry window is displayed.


(3) Enter the required folder name and press the

To cancel the operation, press the

A key.

a key.



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Key Features

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Fast and quiet thermal printer.
  • Durable cash drawer that can hold a large amount of cash.
  • Ability to program up to 1000 PLUs.
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it simple to operate.
  • Compact, lightweight design takes up minimal counter space

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I connect the cash register to my computer?
The cash register can be connected to a computer using the RS232 connector or SD card slot.
How do I program the cash register?
The cash register can be programmed using the keyboard or a PC.


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