Cleaning the Printer (Printer Head/Sensor/Roller). Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH

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Cleaning the Printer (Printer Head/Sensor/Roller). Sharp XE-A177WH, XE-A177BK, XEA177BK, XEA177WH | Manualzz

Cleaning the Printer (Printer Head/Sensor/Roller)

When the printed text is getting dark or faint, paper dust may be stuck to the printer head, sensor and/or roller. Clean them as follows:

Caution: Never touch the printer head with a tool or anything hard as it may damage the head.

The paper cutter is mounted on the printer cover. Be careful not to cut yourself.



Printer head


Select the OFF mode.


Remove the printer cover.


Lift up the print roller arm.


Remove the paper roll referring to the “Removing the paper roll” section.


Clean the printer head with a cotton swab or soft rag moistened with ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

Clean the roller and the sensor in the same manner.


Reset the paper roll correctly by following the steps in

“Installing the paper roll.”

Print roller arm

Removing the Till and the Drawer

The drawer in the register is detachable. After closing your business for the day, remove the drawer. To detach the drawer, pull the lever fully out, and while holding the lever out, lift the drawer slightly and remove.

The coin case is detachable.



Coin case



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Key Features

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Fast and quiet thermal printer.
  • Durable cash drawer that can hold a large amount of cash.
  • Ability to program up to 1000 PLUs.
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it simple to operate.
  • Compact, lightweight design takes up minimal counter space

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I connect the cash register to my computer?
The cash register can be connected to a computer using the RS232 connector or SD card slot.
How do I program the cash register?
The cash register can be programmed using the keyboard or a PC.


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