Displays. Sharp XE-A307, XEA307

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Operator display

• Screen example 1 (REG mode)

Sales information area:

When a transaction information occupies more than 2 lines, you can scroll to the direction by using the F I keys. Sales information you have just entered such as items and prices will appear between 1st line and 2nd line.

Total is always appear at 3rd line.

Numeric Entry Area:

Status area:

Mode name Status information

Clerk code

Receipt ON/OFF status indicator (R) : Appears when the receipt ON-OFF function signs OFF.

Electronic journal near full indicator ( ) : Appears ( ) when the used memory is 80%.

Sentinel mark (X)

: Appears ( ) when the used memory is 90%.

: Appears ( ) when the used memory is 95%.

: Appears when the cash in drawer exceeds a programmed sentinel amount. The sentinel check is performed for the total cash in drawer.

• Screen example 2 (PGM mode)

Mode name Clerk code

Programming area: Programmable items are listed.

Status area:


The display can be tilted back and forth to the best operational viewing angle.


Do not try to force the display beyond its full position.

Customer display

Screen save mode

When you want to save the electric power or save the display’s life, use the screen save function. This function can turn off the display and the LCD backlight when any clerk does not operate the register for an extended period of time. You can program the time for which your register should keep the normal status (in which the backlight is “ON”) before it goes into the screen save mode.

This machine will enter the screen save mode two minutes later by default.

To go back to the normal mode, press any key.

The backlight in display is a consumable part.

When the LCD display may no longer be adjusted and become darker, you should replace the LCD unit.

Consult your authorized SHARP dealer for further details.



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