Periodic Report Sample. Sharp XE-A307, XEA307

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Periodic Report Sample. Sharp XE-A307, XEA307 | Manualzz

Periodic Report Sample

Your register allows you to take consolidation X and Z reports of a chosen period (the period is usually one week or month).

General information

The periodic reading or resetting reports are the same in format as those in the X1/Z1 report for daily sales information except mode indication (“X2” or “Z2”).

• Sample X report

Read symbol

Report title

• Sample Z report

Reset symbol

Reset counter of daily total

Reset counter of periodic consolidation

Grand totals

Report title

The subsequent items are printed out in the same format as in the X/Z report on daily totals.


Daily net report

When you take a Z report, “Z2” is printed instead of “X2”.


Transaction counter

Sales total

Total of transaction counter

Total of sales total



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