Basic Instructions. Sharp XE-A307, XEA307

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Basic Instructions. Sharp XE-A307, XEA307 | Manualzz



This chapter explains how to program various items.

Before you start programming, press the by using the m key and select the "6 PGM MODE" or "7 SD CARD MODE"

I key and press the A key.

Basic Instructions

This section illustrates the basic programming by using an example of programming for departments.

Programming screen

Opening screen: When you select the "6 PGM MODE", your display will show a programming opening screen corresponding to the mode you selected.

Mode you are in

Programming menu: Use the cursor keys or numeric key to select an option, and press the A key.

Numeric entry and status information area

Code selecting screen (Dept. PLU):

Selected menu/option

Code number and its description

(In case of PLU/EAN, two lines are used for one code, upper line - code, lower line - description.)

Use the cursor keys or numeric keys to select an option, and press the A key.

Programming screen:

Numeric entry and status information area

Selected code

Setting items:

Use the cursor keys to select an item.

To select an option, follow the instruction shown below.

Numeric entry: Use numeric keys

Character entry: Use character keys

Selective entry: Press .

key to toggle options, or press the z key to show the option list. Use the cursor keys to move the cursor and press the z or A key to select it.


Programming example


A a

The following example shows how to program 2.00 for the unit price, “ABCDE” for the description, and "non-taxable 1" for department 1.


In the PGM MODE screen, select “2 SETTING” by using the

I key and press the A key.

• The SETTING screen will appear.


• You can also select “2 SETTING” by using numeric key “2,” then press the A key.

• If you return to the previous screen, press the a key.

A a


Select “1 ARTICLE.”

• The ARTICLE screen will appear.


The arrow mark in the upper-right corner of the window shows that the window contains more options than are now on the screen. To scroll the window, press the I or key.

To return to the previous page, press the F or key.


Select “1 DEPARTMENT.”

• The DEPARTMENT screen will appear, listing programmable departments.

A a


Select “01 DPT.01” to program for department 1.

• The “01” window will appear.

A a



On the first page of the “01” window, program the unit price and description as follows:


There are three entry patterns for the programming: the numeric entry, character entry, and selective entry.

• Move the cursor to “PRICE,” enter “200” by using numeric keys. l Numeric entry

• Move the cursor to “DPT.01,” enter “ABCDE” by using character keys. l Character entry

If you want to clear setting, press the L key before you press the

I , F , , or A key.


Press the I key twice to move to the cursor to “TAX 1”, then program the machine to set “non-taxable 1” as follows:

• Press the .

key to select “NO.” l Selective entry






key toggles between two options as follows:


Pressing the

NO l z


key displays all pertinent options.


Select one of the following actions:

• To cancel the programming, press the the data; select the option you prefer.

a key. A confirmation window appears to ask you whether to save

• To finalize the programming, press the then press the

“DEPARTMENT” window.

A key, a key. You will return to the

• To program for the following department, press the key. The “02” window will appear. To return to the “01” window, press the key.


The following sections describe how to program each item which is contained in a programming group.



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