Removing the Till and the Drawer. Sharp XE-A307, XEA307

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Removing the Till and the Drawer. Sharp XE-A307, XEA307 | Manualzz

Removing the Till and the Drawer

The till in the register is detachable. After closing your business for the day, remove the till from the drawer and keep the drawer open. The coin case is also detachable from the till. To detach the drawer, pull it forward fully with the till removed, and remove it by lifting it up.

Coin case



Opening the Drawer by Hand

The drawer automatically opens in the usual way. However, when power failure is encountered or the machine becomes out of order, slide the lever located on the bottom of the machine in the direction of the arrow. (See the figure below.) The drawer will not open, if it is locked with a drawer lock key.

Drawer Lock Key

This key locks and unlocks the drawer.

To lock it, turn 90 degrees counterclockwise.

To unlock it, turn 90 degrees clockwise.



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