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10 vFoglight Cartridge for VMware

User Guide

About vFoglight

vFoglight helps IT organizations understand the virtual infrastructure by managing the relationships and interaction between all the components in the environment, including data centers, data stores, clusters, resource pools, hosts and virtual machines. With vFoglight, administrators can quickly determine the root-cause of an incident or problem, track virtual machine (VM) movements and understand their impact, and identify contention for resources between virtual machines.

About this Guide

This User Guide provides configuration instructions, conceptual information and instructions on how to use the browser interface.

This guide is intended for any user who wants to configure vFoglight using the browser interface.

The User Guide is organized as follows:

Chapter 1, Getting Started with vFoglight —This section focuses on identifying the key screen elements in vFoglight as well as customizing vFoglight according to User

Preferences, setting home pages and themes.

Chapter 2, Navigation in vFoglight —This section introduces the navigation tools used in vFoglight and understanding the concept of roles in vFoglight.

Chapter 3, Working with Dashboards— This section identifies the tools and techniques to work with dashboards as well as work with tables and charts.

Chapter 4, Working with Services and Alarms— This walkthrough instructs you on how to monitor services, examine service levels, and create a service. Details on viewing system-wide alarms for all monitored services is also provided.

Chapter 5, Monitoring Agents and Hosts— This section overviews the dashboards to monitor agents and hosts such as view active host details, browse and monitor hosts, and obtain host resource information.

Chapter 6, Monitoring the vFoglight Management Server— This section overviews monitoring vFoglight performance, such as cleaning up data objects, viewing server metrics and server details, viewing SQL database details, and viewing persistence handler details.


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