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36 vFoglight

User Guide

Contact Us


Links to local contact information on the

Vizioncore web site.

Displays product, contact, and support information.

Delete Icon

A bookmarked page provides easy access to navigation items. Click the Delete icon

beside the bookmark to remove it. See Chapter 2, “Deleting a Bookmark in the

Bookmarks view”.

Zonar and Time Range

vFoglight uses a bar chart to indicate the average of all collected metrics within the range of the zonar. See

Time Range and

Zonar in Chapter 3.

Time Range Freeze Control

The Time range function enables you to freeze the vFoglight interface data at a

specified time range. See “ Freezing a time range ” on page 52.

Customizing vFoglight

This section describes the areas where you can customize vFoglight according to user preference settings, home pages, and themes.

User Preferences

The User Preferences dashboard is under Configuration in the navigation panel. The options in this page enable you to change a number of settings in vFoglight. The choices you make here are saved with your user profile.

Getting Started with vFoglight

Customizing vFoglight


Figure 7

The following table describes the User Preferences settings.



Refresh Interval

Time Zone

Time Range

Description or Options

This setting controls the language that is used in the vFoglight browser interface. The default is the language set in the browser.

To ensure that the views display current data, vFoglight automatically refreshes the pages. This setting enables you to choose the length of the interval. The default is

300 seconds.

The time zone used in a vFoglight session is determined when you log in and is the local time zone for your server. You can use the User Time setting to choose another time zone.

This setting controls the default time range for the views. The default setting is Last 4 Hours.

38 vFoglight

User Guide



Description or Options

Themes are format settings that affect the look of dashboards and reports. You can override this setting for individual dashboard and reports using the Themes

options in the action panel. For details, see “ Themes ” on page 39.

You can only change the look of your PDF reports

(Create PDF) in User Preferences.

To change the theme used in generating (printing) reports to color, choose Report (Color) for the Print theme.

PDF Defaults


These settings enable you to set the page size and orientation of PDFs.

Page Flow Overrides: These settings override the predefined links between System views. For more

information, see “ Page Flow Overrides ” on page 38.

Data Sources: These settings determine the data source that vFoglight uses for data and schemas.

Disable User Interaction Persistence: If you select this option, changes that you make in the vFoglight browser interface are not kept with your user profile.

Page Flow Overrides

System views are linked to each other through pre-defined configurations. In some cases, you may want to link a System view to a User view instead. The Page Flow

Override option enables you to make this change. Every link on the page or view

Getting Started with vFoglight

Customizing vFoglight

39 indicated in the Map field that points to a target view will be redirected instead to the view indicated in the To field.

Caution This requires knowledge of how views are created, and should only be set by a view or dashboard designer. For more information, see the Web Component Guide .

Home Page

You can choose any dashboard to be your personal home page. Other dashboards can also be designated as home pages by a dashboard developer. These are listed under

Homes in the navigation panel.

To set your personal home page:



Select a dashboard under Homes in the navigation panel on the left. Choose the dashboard that is most appropriate for your needs.

Click Make this my home page in the actions panel.

The dashboard is listed under Homes in the navigation panel and will be the first page that is displayed every time you log in to vFoglight.

If you later choose another dashboard as your home page, it replaces the previous one.

Note You can have multiple homes. When you mark something as a home page, it becomes the default home and it is added to the list of possible homes. For example, if you add vFoglight

Data Management as your home page, it is added to the default set of homes for your user role, and becomes your "current" home. If you log out and log back in, you will access vFoglight Data Management.


The Themes options allow you to control the look-and-feel for your UI such as the appearance of vFoglight dashboards and reports. You set these options in the User

Preferences page, but you can override them by using the same options under Themes in the action panel.

40 vFoglight

User Guide

The following table describes the options.

Option Result

Application - Default White background in all dashboards and views

Monitoring - Default Dark blue background in all dashboards and views

Report (Monochrome) Reports are printed in black and white

Report (Color) Reports are printed in color

Note To print PDF reports in color, the theme must be changed in the User Preferences dashboard. Go to Configuration > User Preferences and choose Report (Color) for the

Print theme. See “ User Preferences ” on page 36.


Navigation in vFoglight

This chapter provides an introduction to the navigation tools used in the vFoglight browser interface and also an introduction to roles.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Introduction to Navigation ............................................................................................................42

Understanding Roles in vFoglight ................................................................................................46


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