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Working with Dashboards

Working With Tables


Working With Tables

You can sort and filter data in a table, if these functions are enabled on the table.

Sorting Tables

If a table is sortable, you can sort it by clicking the column-header text. A down ( ) or up ( ) icon in the table header indicates the current sort order.

Filtering Tables

Some tables have a filter option in the title bar. When you click it, a dialog opens in which you select filtering criteria. You then click Apply to refresh the table and display only those rows in which the data meets the specified criteria. For an example of table

filtering, see “ Filtering the Alarms View ” on page 62.

Hiding Columns

Another way you can filter tables is to hide some of the columns. If this option is available, there is an edit icon ( ) at the top of the table. Clicking the edit icon opens a popup list of all the columns, where you can de-select the columns you want to hide and click Apply . To display a hidden column, select it and click Apply . For an example, see

“ Hiding Columns in the Alarms View ” on page 63.

Paging Icons

By default, most tables display only a set number of rows. If there are more rows, you can display the additional rows by using the paging buttons:

Button Name

First page

Previous page

Next page

Last page

Note Active buttons are blue. Disabled buttons are gray.


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