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User Guide

Figure 8

To see data for another service, select Service Selector in the action panel to open the

Service Selector dialog, where you can choose another service.

To choose another service:

1 From the action panel, select Service Selector .


The Service Selector popup appears.

Navigate to the service for which you want to see details.

The Service Details dashboard is refreshed with data about the chosen service.

3 Click to close the popup.

Viewing Service Levels

The Service Levels dashboard provides details about the service levels that are being monitored by vFoglight. Use this dashboard to measure the availability of a service.

Working with Services and Alarms

Viewing Service Levels


To examine service levels:

1 From the navigation panel, under Dashboards , click Services > Service Levels .

The Service Levels dashboard appears.

This dashboard lists the current status, recent availability (used to determine the status), and health history.

Other information that is displayed is listed under the following headings.

Service Level Agreement Information

The Service Level Agreement Information area includes the description, the monitored source, and the availability criteria that are used to determine the status of the SLA.

Availability Graphs

The availability graphs display data for the service level alarms. The three areas display data for the current time period, week, and month. The tables to the right of each graph summarize the severity level, source, and message for each alarm. Clicking an alarm in a table displays a popup with details about that alarm.


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