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Agent and host dashboards are monitored by Operators (for example, Unix System

Operators) whose primary responsibility is availability of those hosts. From these dashboards you can perform the following tasks:

Viewing Agents

Viewing Host Performance

Viewing Host Details

Viewing Agents

The Agents dashboard lists the agents that are available for each host. It is useful for monitoring from the perspective of hosts and agents. If you want to look at agents and the hosts where they are running, you will find this the most helpful dashboard.

To get started monitoring agents:

• From the navigation panel, under Dashboards , click vFoglight > Agents .

The Agents on All Hosts dashboard appears.

Monitoring Agents and Hosts

Viewing Agents

The Monitored Hosts and Agents and the Outstanding Alarms views are displayed.

Drilldowns for each of the columns on this dashboard are explained below.

Drilldowns for the Agents on All Hosts View


Agent or a host

Health icon

Alarm icon

Health History


Health State a popup that provides a summary of the host, service, or application. This summary includes the number of alarms by severity, health status, and related links.

This is a common view in vFoglight. For a description of the host summary popup, refer to

“ Host Summary ” on page 74.

links to:

• health of all alarm sources

• health of current alarm source

• all outstanding alarms for that alarm source a list of alarms for components that are being monitored. This is a common view in vFoglight.

For further information, refer to “ Alarm List ” on page 58.

a popup that focuses on the state history of a host condition such as OK, warning, critical, or fatal.

a popup that allows you to activate or deactivate the agent as well as start and stop data collection.

alarms for the host or agent selected in the

Monitored Hosts and Agents view. This is a common view in vFoglight. For further

information, refer to “ Alarm List ” on page 58.

Tip Hovering over a column displays a dwell with more detailed information.


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