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The vFoglight module contains various tools to monitor schema and data objects as well as to monitor the vFoglight Management Server.

The vFoglight module contains the following dashboards and group of dashboards:

• Agents

• Diagnostic (Log Analyzer dashboard and Performance-related dashboards)

• Schema Browser

• Servers (vFoglight Management Server, MySQL database, Persistence Handler)

Viewing Logs

You can display multiple log files in vFoglight to view and analyze known events and error conditions such as verbose or informational type of messages. The Log Analyzer dashboard enables you to navigate, view, and download logs. The time, level, source, and description of log messages is displayed for logs you view in this dashboard.

To view logs:

1 On the navigation panel under Dashboards , click vFoglight > Diagnostic > Log

Analyzer > Overview .

Note You can also access the Log Analyzer dashboard through the Administration dashboard if you have access to the vFoglight Administration functions. On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Administration . In the

Navigation view, under Tooling and Diagnostics, click Server Log Overview .

The vFoglight Log overview dashboard appears.

Monitoring the vFoglight Management Server

Viewing Logs


• To view the list of log messages in this dashboard, click

Log Selector dialog select the server.

. In the

• To download a log, select the appropriate log from the Log Overview dashboard and click to open and view the log messages.


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