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Inspecting Object Types. Dell Vizioncore | Manualzz

Monitoring the vFoglight Management Server

Inspecting Object Types

• Derivation and Query Tab

Shows activity in the derivation and query service such as the number of evaluations, rulettes, errors, and cache performance.


Inspecting Object Types

Use the Schema Browser dashboard located in vFoglight > Schema to view information about data object types such as check which types are available, search for specific types, understand the relationship between types, and view instances of a particular type.

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Figure 1

Viewing a Data Object

The Schema Browser dashboard allows you to browse through the vFoglight

Management Server connections and view the structure of the database and the schema objects to understand the structure and dependencies of the objects.

To view an object:

1 On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click vFoglight > Schema >

Schema Browser.



Find the data type in the list.

• To apply a filter to narrow down the search criteria, type a character in the

Filter box (for example, “Host”) and press Enter .

• To see the full list of data types, clear the Filter and press Enter .

When you select an object type, you can sort by various constituents of the object by using the View by options: Properties , Ancestors , Decendants , and

Instances .


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