Cleaning up Data Objects. Dell Vizioncore

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Cleaning up Data Objects. Dell Vizioncore | Manualzz

Monitoring the vFoglight Management Server

Cleaning up Data Objects


Cleaning up Data Objects

The vFoglight Data Management dashboard is useful for inspecting and deleting data objects, and particularly for cleaning up objects that are no longer needed. For instance, if a set of agents is no longer required, the objects created by those agents will still be visible in the user interface. Removing these objects can have a positive impact on the performance of vFoglight and ensure that only necessary information is maintained in the database.

As an example, deleting agent instances from the Services dashboard removes the agent definitions. However, you can still view the agent entries in other dashboards such as the dashboard for Oracle. To remove the agent entries from these dashboards, you need to delete the agents using the vFoglight Data Management dashboard to remove the services and OracleModel Instances that was created for the Oracle dashboard.

Deleting a Data Object

The Delete option removes an object and all of its children. If you delete an object that is still active, it will be re-created.

Note Metrics are always preserved and deleted as part of this topology maintenance operation.

Figure 2

To delete a data object:



On the navigation panel, under Dashboards , click vFoglight > Servers > Data

Management .

Drill-down to the data object you want to delete.



Click Delete beside the object to remove the object and all of its children.

Click Yes to the “Are you sure you want to delete this object” confirmation message.


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