Looking at Server Details. Dell Vizioncore

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Looking at Server Details. Dell Vizioncore | Manualzz

Monitoring the vFoglight Management Server

Looking at Server Details


Looking at Server Details

The Management Server View dashboard is useful for examining the performance of vFMS (vFoglight Management Server). You can also use this dashboard to look for root causes of performance problems with vFoglight.

To view details of the vFMS:



On the Navigation panel, under Dashboards , click vFoglight > Servers >

Management Server View .

Choose a vFoglight Server from the drop-down list to display the various views.

The views display the following information:

• Rule Service view —shows the number of bound rulettes for processing rules and derived metrics. (For information about rulettes, see the Administration and

Configuration Guide .)

• Data Service view —shows the ability of the server to keep up with incoming data.

• JVM view —shows the memory performance of the JVM running vFoglight.


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