Viewing MySQL Database Details. Dell Vizioncore

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Viewing MySQL Database Details. Dell Vizioncore | Manualzz

150 vFoglight

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• JDBC Connection Pool view —shows how many connections are in use at any time.

• FSM Database Size view —shows the size of the database.

The combination of these five views gives a good overview of the performance of the vFoglight environment.

For details on viewing charts, see “ Tooltips, Dwells, and Popups ” on page 50.

Viewing MySQL Database Details

The MySQL Database Overview dashboard contains charts that display data about the embedded or external MySQL database.

Note If you are using an external Oracle database, the views in this dashboard will be blank.

To view the MySQL database details:

1 In the navigation panel, under Dashboards , click vFoglight > Servers >

MySQL Database Overview .

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