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The dashboards listed under the Configuration module include the following:

Data Dashboard

Data Sources Dashboard

• Definitions

• User Preferences

The Definitions dashboard is where you create and edit views. For information about these functions, see the Web Component Guide and the Web Component Tutorial .

The options in the User Preferences page are described under “ User Preferences ” on page 36.

This section briefly describes the Data and Data Sources dashboards.

Data Dashboard

The Data dashboard is an advanced tool intended for use by dashboard designers and data modelers. It shows the underlying set of objects that are available in the system and how they are organized. This dashboard is useful for figuring out the paths used to define dashboard tooling queries, and for inspecting the underlying objects to ensure that the data is collected and transformed properly.

To display the Data dashboard:

• From the navigation panel, under Dashboards , click Configuration > Data .

The Data dashboard appears.

Working with Data and Data Sources

Data Dashboard


Figure 1

You can expand the nodes in the left-hand pane and follow a path to find objects. For example, you can find a Host object by expanding the Hosts object, expanding All

Hosts, then finding the Host of interest (as in the above screen).

The right-hand pane is a display area. You can choose from a number of views, which are listed under Views in the action panel. The most useful view for inspecting an object is the Property Viewer. The Property Viewer shows the raw object details — the property values and metrics.

Understanding Metrics and Observations

In general, vFoglight and the Web Component Framework are concerned with the collection of information over time. This collection is referred to as observations. The

Data dashboard displays metrics and observations for a topology object.

An observation is a collection of a particular piece of data over time. An

EnumObservation is the data collected by agents, which is a type of observation where the data being observed is a enumerated value. For example, the state of an object.

228 vFoglight

User Guide

A metric is a type of observation that is concerned with numeric observations. For example, the CPU usage of a host.

All observation objects have the following properties:

• latest —the value of the last recorded sample.

• current —the same as the latest value except if the latest value is considered stale

(not fresh), the current value is considered null.

• history —contains a historical list of values for the selected time range.

To view the current, latest, or history values for a topology object:



From the navigation panel, under Dashboards , click Configuration > Data .

In the Data dashboard, drill-down to the topology object to view the metric values:

3 Click on the metric to view more details about the topology objects in the

Property Viewer. Each value entry for an observation has a Start time , End time , and Value .


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