Before using for the first time. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i

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Before using for the first time. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i | Manualzz

Switching on and off

Before using for the first time

Packaging material


Remove all packaging material from the inside of the appliance.

Switching on

When the appliance is connected to the electrical supply, the mains connection symbol t will appear in the display after a short while.


Please refer to the relevant instructions in "Cleaning".

^ Clean the inside of the appliance and the accessories.

Operating the appliance

A light touch of the finger on the sensors is all that is required to operate this appliance.

A tone will sound each time a sensor is touched. You can deactivate this, if you wish (see "Selecting further settings -

Acoustic signals").


Touch the On/Off sensor.

The mains connection symbol t goes out and the temperature appears in the display.

Two bars will flash in the display while the current temperature is above 0 °C.

The appliance begins to cool.

The temperature display and the alarm symbol ; will flash at the same time until the required temperature is reached.

When the door is opened, the interior lighting comes on and the LED lighting becomes brighter until it reaches its maximum brightness.

To enable the temperature to get sufficiently cold inside the appliance, allow the appliance to run for a few hours before placing food in it.



Key Features

  • No icing up of food and no need to defrost thanks to Frost free
  • Optimum and maintenance-free LED lighting in compartment
  • Soft-closing doors thanks to SoftClose
  • Freezer compartment can be increased in size with-VarioRoom
  • Rapid and gentle freezing of food - Super freeze

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