Temperature display. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i

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Temperature display. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i | Manualzz

The correct temperature

It is very important to set the correct temperature for storing food in the appliance. Micro-organisms will cause food which is not stored at the correct temperature to deteriorate rapidly.

Temperature influences the growth rate of these micro-organisms. Reducing the temperature reduces their growth rate.

To freeze fresh food and to store frozen food for a long time, a temperature of

-18 °C is required. At this temperature the growth of micro-organisms is generally halted. As soon as the temperature rises above -10 °C, the micro-organisms become active in the food again so that it cannot be kept as long. For this reason, partially defrosted or fully defrosted food must not be re-frozen. Food may be re-frozen once it has been cooked, as the high temperatures achieved when cooking destroy most micro-organisms.

The temperature in the appliance will rise:

– the more often the door is opened and the longer it is kept open,

– the more food that is stored in it,

– the warmer the food is which is being put into it,

– the higher the ambient temperature surrounding the appliance.

The appliance is designed for use within specific ambient temperatures

(climate range). Do not use in ambient temperatures for which it is not designed.

Temperature display

In normal operation the temperature display shows the average, current temperature in the freezer .

Depending on the ambient temperature and the temperature setting, it can take the appliance a few hours to reach the temperature required and for this temperature to then be shown as a constant temperature in the display.



Key Features

  • No icing up of food and no need to defrost thanks to Frost free
  • Optimum and maintenance-free LED lighting in compartment
  • Soft-closing doors thanks to SoftClose
  • Freezer compartment can be increased in size with-VarioRoom
  • Rapid and gentle freezing of food - Super freeze

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