Temperature alarm. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i

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Temperature alarm. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i | Manualzz

Temperature and door alarm

This appliance has a warning system which ensures that the temperature in the freezer cannot rise unnoticed and to avoid energy being wasted if a door is left open.

Temperature alarm

If the temperature in the freezer becomes too warm, the alarm symbol

; will flash in the display. An audible alarm will also sound.

The temperature the appliance is set at determines the temperature the appliance recognises as being too warm.

The alarm may sound and the alarm symbol may flash, for example,

– when you switch the appliance on, and for as long as the temperature differs from the temperature set,

– if the freezer door has been left open for a while, e.g. in order to load, to re-arrange or to take food out.

– when freezing large amounts of food at once,

– in the event of a power cut,

– if the appliance has a fault.

The alarm will stop and the alarm symbol

; will go out when the temperature reaches the correct level again.

However, if the temperature in the freezer remains above -18 °C for a long time, check that the frozen food has not started to defrost. If it has, check that it is still safe to use, and if so, use it as quickly as possible.

Defrosted food may only be re-frozen after it has been cooked.

Switching the alarm off early

If the noise disturbs you, you can switch the alarm off early if you wish.

^ Touch the sensor for switching off the temperature alarm.

The alarm will stop.

The alarm symbol ; in the display will continue to flash until the temperature is at the correct level.



Key Features

  • No icing up of food and no need to defrost thanks to Frost free
  • Optimum and maintenance-free LED lighting in compartment
  • Soft-closing doors thanks to SoftClose
  • Freezer compartment can be increased in size with-VarioRoom
  • Rapid and gentle freezing of food - Super freeze

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