Cool pack. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i

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Cool pack. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i | Manualzz

Cool pack

The cool pack prevents the temperature in the freezer rising too quickly in the event of a power cut. This can help prolong the storage time.


Place the cool pack in the top freezer drawer.

The cool pack will be at its most effective after it has been in the freezer for approx. 24 hours.

In the event of a power cut:

^ Place the frozen cool pack directly on top of the frozen food in the front of the top drawer.

When placing fresh food in the freezer, use the cool pack to separate the fresh food from the food which is already frozen so that the frozen food does not begin to thaw.

The cool pack can also be used in a cool bag to keep food or drinks cool for a short period of time.

Freezing and storing food


Automatic defrosting

The appliance is equipped with a "Frost free" system. The freezer defrosts automatically.

The moisture generated in the appliance collects on the condenser and is automatically defrosted and dissipated by the condenser from time to time.

This automatic defrosting system enables the freezer to remain permanently ice-free, however, the food stored in the freezer will not defrost.



Do not let water get into the electronic unit.

Cleaning water must not get into the drain hole.

Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance. Steam could reach electrical components and cause a short circuit.

The data plate located inside the appliance must not be removed. It contains information which is required in the event of a service call.

Cleaning agents

To avoid damaging the surfaces of your appliance, do not use:

– cleaning agents containing soda, ammonia, acids or chlorides,

– cleaning agents containing descaling agents,

– abrasive cleaning agents, e.g.

powder cleaners and cream cleaners,

– solvent-based cleaning agents,

– stainless steel cleaning agents,

– dishwasher cleaner,

– oven sprays,

– glass cleaning agents,

– hard, abrasive sponges and brushes, e.g. pot scourers,

– melamine eraser blocks,

– sharp metal scrapers.

Cleaning and conditioning agents used inside the appliance must be food safe.

We recommend using lukewarm water with a little washing-up liquid to clean surfaces of the appliance.

The following pages contain important information on cleaning.



Before cleaning


Switch the appliance off.

The display goes out and cooling is switched off.

If this does not happen, then the safety lock is still activated (see

"Selecting further settings - To deactivate the lock").


Disconnect it from the mains.

^ Take any food out of the appliance and store it in a cool box.

^ Remove the shelves:

Lift them up at the front slightly and then pull them forwards and out.

The telescopic runners on the shelves are not dishwasher safe.

To remove the telescopic runners:

^ 1. Press the catch down.


2. Push the telescopic runner to the side and then 3. backwards.


After cleaning, reattach the telescopic runners to the shelf.

To do this, hook the telescopic runner onto the shelf and then click the catch into position.



Key Features

  • No icing up of food and no need to defrost thanks to Frost free
  • Optimum and maintenance-free LED lighting in compartment
  • Soft-closing doors thanks to SoftClose
  • Freezer compartment can be increased in size with-VarioRoom
  • Rapid and gentle freezing of food - Super freeze

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