Ventilation. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i

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Ventilation. Miele FN 35402 i, FNS 37402 i, FNS 35402 i, FN 37402 i | Manualzz



The ventilation gaps given must be observed, otherwise the compressor will run more frequently and for longer periods. This will result in increased energy consumption and a higher operating temperature for the compressor. This may, in turn, cause the compressor to be damaged.

Air at the back of the appliance gets warm. The appliance housing unit must therefore be constructed to allow sufficient space for ventilation (see

"Building-in dimensions").

appliance must amount to at least

200 cm 2 to ensure that air can circulate without hindrance.

– Important. The appliance uses less energy, the larger the ventilation cross-section.

The ventilation gaps must not be covered or blocked in any way.

They should be dusted on a regular basis.

Top ventilation gap

The ventilation gap at the top of the appliance can be constructed in different ways:

– Air intake a occurs via the plinth at the bottom of the appliance and the air escapes at the top b at the rear of the housing unit.

– A ventilation gap of at least 40 mm depth must be allowed for behind the appliance for air to circulate.

– The ventilation cross-sections in the plinth, housing unit and above the a directly above the appliance with a ventilation grille (free airflow of at least 200 cm



b in between the housing unit and the ceiling c through a suspended ceiling.



Key Features

  • No icing up of food and no need to defrost thanks to Frost free
  • Optimum and maintenance-free LED lighting in compartment
  • Soft-closing doors thanks to SoftClose
  • Freezer compartment can be increased in size with-VarioRoom
  • Rapid and gentle freezing of food - Super freeze

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